Hummus Unique blend of chickpeas, tahini sauce, lemon juice, & fresh garlic served with pita $4.99

Baba Ghannouj Roasted eggplant mixed with tahini sauce, lemon juice & garlic, served with pita $4.99

Falafel Plate Served with pita bread, tahini sauce, tomatoes, & lettuce $5.99

Labneh Plate Homemade pressed yogurt cheese, sprinkled with dried mint & olive oil $5.99

Grape Leaves Homemade grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions, parsley & lemon juice $5.99

Fool Mdamas Slow cooked brown fava beans, garlic, lemon- topped with diced tomatoes & olive oil $5.99

Feta Cheese & Olives Feta cheese, olive oil, oregano & kalamata olives $5.99

Cucumber Yogurt Thinned yogurt with chopped up cucumbers, dried mint, & a touch of garlic $4.99

Fried Nabulsi Cheese Imported cheese fried with olive oil and olives to a golden color $5.99

Kibbeh Bulgur wheat mixed with fresh tomatoes, basil, mint, onions, and olive oil $6.99

Makanek Plate Beef and lamb sausages sautéed to a golden color $6.99

ARABIAN NIGHTS MEZZA PLATTER A Combo of hummus, baba ghannouj, falafel, grape leaves, and tabouli $11.99

Soup & Salads

Tabouli Chopped parsley, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, green onions, olive oil and lemon juice $5.99

Fattoush Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, parsley, olive oil, & light dressing w/ fried pita $5.99

Feta Salad Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, sumac, feta cheese, olives w/ house dressing $5.99

Arabian Nights Salad Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, lemon juice, & olive oil $5.99

Lentil Soup Yellow lentils, vegetable soup with a dash of lemon juice $3.99


Served with rice, small salad, and side of cucumber yogurt

Add your choice of soup or house salad AND soda combo for only $4.50

Chicken or Beef Shawarma Platter Your choice of thinly sliced chicken or beef over rice $9.99

Chicken or Beef Shawarma over Hummus Platter (No rice or salad) $8.99

Lamb Shank Tender lamb shank served with traditional and flavorful bokhari rice $13.99

Grilled Lamb Kabob Skewer of grilled lamb kabob with side of tahini sauce $12.99

Shish Tawouk Marinated grilled chicken kabob skewer with a side of garlic sauce $10.99

Grilled Veggie Kabob One large skewer of charbroiled vegetables served with rice $9.99

Grilled Kafta Kabob Two skewers of succulent ground beef mixed with onions and parsley $10.99

Bazeilla Stew with Lamb Consists of peas, carrots, lamb, and tomato sauce $11.99

Grill Combo One skewer of chicken and one skewer of kafta over rice $12.99

Lahmeh A Banadoura Sauteed beef cubes, onions, and tomatoes over rice $12.99

Grilled Shrimp One large skewer of grilled shrimp served over rice $12.99

Mixed Grill Supreme Three skewers of chicken, lamb, and kafta kabob $16.99

Special of the Day Please ask your server for today’s chef selection $12.99

From the Oven

Lahmeh bi Ajeene House dough with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, & Arabic spices $4.99

Cheese Pie House dough with mozzarella and feta cheese spread $3.99

Zaatar Pie House dough with thyme, oregano, sesame, and olive oil $3.99

Spinach Pie House dough with spinach, finely chopped onions, and sumac $4.99

Combination Pies Combo of zaatar, cheese, and spinach pies $11.99


Please inquire about availability

1/2 Chicken Succulent half chicken served with bokhari rice, cucumber yogurt, & garlic sauce $12.99

1/2 Chicken only $7.99

Whole Chicken (For two people) Succulent whole chicken served with bokhari rice, cucumber yogurt, and garlic sauce $24.99

Whole Chicken only Whole succulent rotisserie chicken $14.99

Arabian Nights Specialty Sandwiches

(Add your choice of house salad or fries AND soda combo for only $4.50)

Falafel Falafel patties rolled with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and tahini sauce $5.99

Beef Shawarma (Gyro) Delicately flavored thinly sliced beef rolled with tomatoes, parsley, pickles, onions, and tahini sauce $5.99

Chicken Shawarma (Gyro) Delicately flavored thinly sliced chicken off the vertical broiled rolled with tomatoes, pickles, and garlic sauce $5.99

Lamb Kabob Grilled lamb kabob rolled with tomatoes, onions, parsley, and tahini sauce $7.99

Shish Tawouk Grilled chicken kabob rolled with pickles, tomatoes, and garlic sauce $5.99

Makanek Sauteed spicy beef and lamb mini sausages rolled with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and tahini sauce $5.99

Labneh Grilled Labneh “Farmer’s cream cheese” rolled with tomatoes and dried mint $4.99


Baklava Rich and sweet pastry of layered phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and drizzled with honey $2.99

Cake of the Day Please ask about our daily cake special $2.99

Side Orders

Extra Kafta Kabob Skewer $4.00

Extra Beef Kabob Skewer $6.00

Extra Chicken Kabob Skewer $5.00

Extra Lamb Kabob Skewer $6.00

Extra Shrimp Kabob Skewer $5.00

Extra Veggie Kabob Skewer $4.50

Side of Bokhari Rice $4.00

Side of Basmati Rice $2.95

Side of Pita Bread $1.00

Side of French Fries $3.95

Side of Sauce (Garlic or Tahini) $0.25


Hot Tea $2.45

Turkish Coffee $2.99

Regular Coffee $2.45

Soda $1.99

Mango Juice $3.00

Guava Juice $3.00

Lemonade $2.99

Orange Juice $2.99

Strawberry Lemonade $2.99

Watermelon Lemonade $2.99

Arabian Nights’ Ice Tead $1.99

Non-Alcholic Beer (Lebanon) $3.25


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